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About us

For generations, native place has played a pivotal role of a sacred waterhole which kept families together and traditions alive.

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A cosy guesthouse by lake Vadavali.


Whether you want to celebrate success or plan for the future, or want to simply spend time playing and adventuring together, our Corporate Activities combines a heady mix of adventure to get the adrenalin pumping.

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To inculcate a spirit of adventure seasoned with the common sense of safety and respect for nature and the environment. Kids need to be out in nature.

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Every room at Native Place guest house is tastefully designed to blend with the earthy surroundings. It is functional with high ceilings, large windows, ventilator openings and attached baths, and is aesthetically simple with country style interiors.

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Just 2 and half hours away from Mumbai city, via the expressway, this isolated guesthouse is a perfect weekend getaway and a quiet retreat for dreamers, nature lovers and solitude seekers. You can simply relax with a book in the midst of nature, or go paragliding over the fields and lakes. Do drop in at the NATIVE PLACE.


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Years ago I used to watch an animated tv series called the Wild Thornberries with my son Sunith. A show about a little girl called Eliza Thornberry who travels the world with her famous nature show host parents and falls into exciting wildlife...


The menu at Native place comprises a wide spread of multi-cultural vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. Freshly picked from the farms and the garden, the food at the Native Place guesthouse is all about the tasting the authentic...

Guest Testimonials


Emil Kaminski, Canada(America): I am a very active traveler, always rushing, always chasing something, but every time I visit the Native...

Colin Egan, Scotland ( United Kingdom): I am a paraglider pilot and have lived in Mumbai, but am not originally from India. Native place was my...

Rinal Chheda, Mumbai (India): Native place is adventure, adrenaline, peace, happiness and nature - all bundled into one place. For pilots...

Irene Joshi, Mumbai (India): Oft, in lonely rooms, and 'mid the din of towns and cities, I have owed to them In hours of weariness, sensations...