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Facilities in the garden
Every room at Native Place guest house is tastefully designed to blend with the earthy surroundings. It is functional with high
ceilings, large windows, ventilator openings and attached baths, and is aesthetically simple with country style interiors.

Lake Front Rooms

These two adequately large double occupancy rooms, with enough room to accommodate a third person, are fringed by a wooden trellis over which tropical flowering climbers grow. It has a private access to a little garden lawn and offers a view of the lake beyond.
Grassy Sit-out

Standard Lake Front 1: An airy room that is reminiscent of life in the country side. Its desk by the window, facing the green lawn and the lake, is a perfect antidote to writer’s block.

Sun Deck

Standard Lake Front 2: A room with muted shades, it overlooks the garden and is a perfect place for bird lovers. Café curtains allow great sky view while lying in bed.

Cricket Field (Playground)

Sun Room: This family room can accommodate about 6 people. Accented with vibrant shades this spacious room has a window with lake view and a large storage space. Adjoining the bamboo courtyard this room is perfect for old people, children and those who want to be located within the main house.

Nirvana Wing

A stone’s throwaway from the main house this cluster of 4 differently sized independent rooms is designed with comfort and space in mind. These bright and airy rooms offer picturesque views from its sit-outs / windows / verandahs. These rooms are surrounded by trees on all sides which are homes to some of the most melodious birds. Check in. Bliss out.

Nirvana 1: 200 sq. ft. room with a lovely balcony overlooking the garden. Relax in the sit-out with friends and family, while nature offers a spectacular backdrop.


Nirvana 2: A large room with a work area and a lovely window seat overlooking the garden. It can accommodate a small group and is perfect for a weekend getaway into serenity.


Nirvana 3: This room has a bedroom and a living room area, and is spacious to accommodate a family or a small group. It has got a coveted balcony that offers splendid view of the garden and the lake. Don’t miss the magical sunset from here.


Nirvana 4: Tucked away in the corner – a bird watcher’s choice – this room can easily occupy 4 people. It has a large window where you can curl up with a book or simply spend time gazing at the garden. Be prepared to be surprised by some incredibly melodious birds.

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Nestled in a remote valley in the Sahayadri Mountain Range, Native Place is located 2 and half hours from Mumbai, 40 minutes from the hill station of Lonavala, and is accessible via the Mumbai-Pune expressway …


Traditional mango pickles, crunchy salads of fresh vegetables picked from the Native Place garden, a wide spread of multi-cultural vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies - food here is all about tasting the authentic...


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