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ABOUT US > The Architecture
The Architecture
At Native Place we respect mother nature, and we sincerely believe in aligning all our activities to environment-friendly, sustainable concepts. Being inspired by the home gardens of peninsular India that are based on sustainability,
we lay utmost emphasis on protecting the natural sophistication of our garden. Our work also contributes to the prosperity of the area by creating opportunities for local people.


Built keeping the weather, geography and earthy aesthetics in mind, the architecture of Native Place is designed to blend with the cascading hillside, overlooking the Vadivali Lake. It has airy rooms with high ceilings and many windows and ventilator openings to keep rooms additionally cool in summer.The central courtyard and many large openings funnel fresh air into the house at all times. Laid with China Mosaic the roofs are not only delightful to look at, but also effective at keeping the ceiling cooler. In addition, the trees and shrubberies all around help in keeping the atmosphere pleasant throughout.


At Native Place we lay strong emphasis on water conservation, which is why we use micro filtration and reverse osmosis to produce potable water, drawn from the nearby lake. The residual waste water is treated on site, using Reed Bed technology and is used to irrigate a part of the garden. Furthermore, in the garden, we have consciously chosen species of plants that survive on less water, and have adopted various methods to reduce water consumption. If you have any ideas on water consumption, please do write to us.


To counter the frequent power cuts that peak in summers, we have a back-up generator that powers fans and basic lights indoors. In addition, we have a solar-cum-windmill that powers outdoor lights. We use energy efficient bulbs to reduce electricity usage and, thanks to solar panels, we have hot water running on the bathroom taps. Someday, we hope to go completely off the grid.

Food Supplies

We support the local economy by purchasing most of our ingredients from the local market and directly from the farmers. Using fresh local produce not only enhances the quality of food we serve, but also reduces the food miles travelled to reach the plate and, thus, the level of carbon emissions generated. Many of the ingredients come from our garden.


We maximise on waste management by recycling all bio-degradable waste into compost that is used in the garden.


Native Place, today, has been able to create employment opportunities for the local youth. Almost all our staff members belong to Kamshet and villages around Kamshet, who are groomed, trained and appointed for specific roles and responsibilities in the guesthouse.

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Nestled in a remote valley in the Sahayadri Mountain Range, Native Place is located 2 and half hours from Mumbai, 40 minutes from the hill station of Lonavala, and is accessible via the Mumbai-Pune expressway …


Traditional mango pickles, crunchy salads of fresh vegetables picked from the Native Place garden, a wide spread of multi-cultural vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies - food here is all about tasting the authentic...


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