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CALL FOR BOOKINGS: +91 93237 08809

Native Place is visited by people from all walks of life from India and across the world. Nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, paragliding pilots, solitude seekers, corporate groups, weekend getaway seekers and many more come to Native
Place all around the year. There are many who return to this little guesthouse year after year, just like Kamshet’s gorgeous host of migratory birds. And here’s what some of them have to say about their stay at Native Place:
  • Carl
    Nirvana by name, Nirvana by nature!
    Arriving at Native Place the homestead of Nirvana Adventures, with great excitement at the prospect of flying like an eagle, my experiences have exceeded my expectations. From barbeques under the stars, swims in the lake, learning to soar with the birds to making new friends in the Nirvana crew and staff. Not only have I learnt to fly but in such a short time I feel confident enough, through great tuition, to take my first flights away from the support and encouragement of the patient instructors here.

    As for the others students I’ve met, what an assortment of international fun loving characters, all like minded people with same excitement to fly.
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    I am very grateful to Sanjay, Astrid And Sunith for their kindness, openness and for sharing this wonderful and fun gift of flight. Until we meet again Ill leave you with an old Irish blessing –
    "May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May sunshine warm upon your face,
    And the rains fall soft upon your fields,
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of her Hand"

Rinal Chheda
  • Rinal Chheda - India
    Native place is adventure, adrenaline, peace, happiness and nature - all bundled into one place. For pilots, the Kamshet area offers good flying sites and great weather. The instructors are a friendly bunch. I met some amazing people here and made some very good friends. I particularly enjoy the 'carefully planned' wild gardens, the chirping birds and unbelievably starry nights - a perfect setting for nature lovers. Excellent food. Love the terrace dinners and weekend parties. One of my 'to go' places when I want to get away from Mumbai.
Sharayu Jadhav
  • Sharayu Jadhav - India
    Native Place is exactly what you may imagine and more! It is cozy home filled with warm smiles, fun parties, and quiet chai while you dream of changing the world and bright colors - that is my memory of Native Place. One can never have enough of it.
Emil Kaminski
  • Emil Kaminski - Canada
    "I am a very active traveler, always rushing, always chasing something, but every time I visit the Native Place, I seem to undergo an overhaul: I spend the days catching up on reading, hiking the nearby hills, enjoying nature, and otherwise allowing myself to settle down. There is something magical about looking at the sunrise over the lake while holding a cup of chai, quite possibly my favorite way to start a day. When I am feeling more adventurous, I go for a stroll to a nearby village to have a look at local life, and if adrenaline is what I crave, I go for a flight. It truly is one of my favorite spots on the planet and as a result I am drawn to the Native Place year after a year."
Akshay Surve
  • Akshay Surve - India
    The serene lake, misty peaks, chirping birds and home like hospitality makes Native Place feel like a home away from home tucked in paradise.

    To Paradise and Back (again)
    "To the serene lake and
    the misty mountain peaks
    I dearly missed them
    all this time
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    To the sound of silence and
    star gazing at night
    I am going to miss you
    all the time

    To the very special moments
    and spotting the pink butterfly
    I will treasure you
    all my life

    I am just back from
    a trip to paradise
    and now I wonder, why? "

Irene Joshi
  • Irene Joshi - India
    Oft, in lonely rooms, and 'mid the din of towns and cities, I have owed to them
    In hours of weariness, sensations sweet; Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart;
    And passing even into my purer mind, with tranquil restoration

    These words best describe the place that Native Place holds in our lives…the calming sylvan beauty combined with the idyllic charm that the place and the people create - makes it the best retreat! Whether it is to be pumped up with adrenaline (paragliding) or just soothe frazzled nerves, this has been a haven for us over the last 7 years.
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    We are, what we call, ‘regulars’ – visiting them once every 2 months at least. It is home in many ways – and holds all the essential ingredients of ‘home’ – Sanjay’s barbecue, the home-cooked food, cozy corners designed by Astrid, a lovely vegetable garden, the leisurely pace & the hospitality… all that home can conjure in the minds of anyone who is weary and has been away from home for long. We love you both and love the entire world that you have painstakingly created at the Native Place… thank you for embracing us into the fold!

Dhiren Talpade
  • Dhiren Talpade - India
    The Native Place is one of my favorite travel destinations. Be it a serious corporate outbound event, an adrenaline boosting adventure, or a quiet relaxing weekend, the Native Place can handle it with ease. It has a healthy mix of outdoors and comfort, tranquility and party. This is one place where you can just be. The location and setting is awesome, but more than that it is the dedicated, efficient and friendly team at the Native Place that brings it alive. I have always felt like I am meeting some long lost family members whenever I come here. And the energy and happiness that these hosts radiate is very contagious and addictive. If you have not yet visited this place, I recommend that you do immediately.
Kanchan Bhatt
  • Kanchan Bhatt - India
    I think I was introduced to Native Place in 2007 and trust me since then whenever I think of visiting this place again it brings a big smile on my face. So visualize my happiness when I am actually there... Being an architect I love the design, how the architect has used the contours of the site to their best creating a beautiful play of levels in the planning and of course what makes it worth the stay is the people. I did my level 1 paragliding course at native place and the whole team is I go there apart from paragliding too because the feel of this place is just so peaceful. It kind of brings the center of gravity of your brains back in the right spot!! Love the place...and the people of course!